November 16th-November 20th------- CPAA Testing

November 17th-November 24th-------Fall Book Fair

November 24th------- Fall Festival

November 25th-November 27th------- Thanksgiving Holidays

December 3rd-------Kindergarten Winter Wonderland Dance 5PM-7PM

December 15th------- Winter Musical
















Please enter at the left as face the school (Peurifoy Road). From Hampton Street turn onto Peurifoy Road taking the first right onto Smith Street and turn into the first parking lot on left circling the loop and exiting back on to Peurifoy. The front entrance is reserved for our special needs buses and special needs car riders ONLY.

Please make sure that you have the car rider tag with your child's name posted in the windshield of the car. Also, we ask that you stay in your car and school personnel will bring your child to the car. We thank you for your patience and cooperation!

NO SIGN OUTS will be permitted after 2:00 PM.

All transportation changes must be submitted in writing. We will not honor a transportation change if it is called in. Please allow 2-3 school days for bus changes.

In an effort to protect our instructional time, parents must have prior approval from your child's teacher to visit classrooms beginning Monday, August 31,2015.


Beginning on Monday, August 31, 2015, we are asking that you drop your child off in the car rider loop and allow one of the teachers on duty to escort the child inside the building. If you walk your child to the building, please stop at the door and allow the teacher on duty by the door to assist your child with getting to class. BSECC is asking for your full cooperation as we strive to begin our instructional day in a timely manner and with little interruptions.


















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Parents, please go on the following web-site and vote for Black Street Early Childhood Center  to win one of these for our playground: